Roof Maintenance Keep Homeowners Ahead of Weather Damage

While it’s easy to ignore a home’s roof until a problem is obvious, being proactive with proper maintenance keeps homeowner’s ahead of the region’s unpredictable weather. High winds and hail, which frequently plague the region, mean roofing materials can take a beating and require maintenance to prevent or repair leaks. That’s why Texas roofing professionals typically recommend thorough roof inspections after any type of weather event. In fact, local experts offer free inspections to make sure every home is properly repaired after storms pass through. Repairing damage quickly makes sure homes are ready for the next storm that rolls through the area.

What Do Roofing Experts Look for During an Inspection?

During a routine annual inspection, roofing contractors will look for shingle damage, normal wear, and damage to flashing materials. Damaged or missing shingles should always be replaced as soon as possible to minimize the potential for leaks that could cause damage to a home’s interior components. Flashing materials around chimneys and vents are carefully examined, as these areas often require routine maintenance to make sure water is sealed out of a home.


It’s especially important to contact an area roofing contractor after storms including hail or high winds, as damage to shingles is frequently not visible from the ground. Professionals know the signs of damage to look for and will help homeowners work with insurance carriers to see any storm-related damage is properly repaired. It’s crucial that claims be filed as quickly as possible to avoid any potential problems with insurance carriers.

If Extensive Damage is Noted, What Options Does a Homeowner Have?

As a rule, roofing professionals and fort worth roofing repairs and replacement insurance carriers both recognize the fact that it doesn’t pay to repair heavily damaged roofs. At a certain point, the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of simply replacing the roof. At that point, the homeowner can take the insurance settlement and simply replace the roof with similar materials, but there are other options to discuss with the roofing contractor as well.

What Type of Roofing Materials Should Be Considered When Replacing a Roof?

There is no easy answer to that question. While the current roofing product can simply be replaced, there are always other options to consider. When replacing a roof, homeowners may want to spend a little more and upgrade to a different type or style of material. Today, metal roofing or high-end shingle products are often selected to replace the entry-level three-tab shingles commonly installed in the past. The trick is to find a contractor well-versed in the types of materials commonly used today that can explain the benefits and drawbacks of different materials.

Choosing a roofing contractor to repair or replace a roof isn’t really as complicated as some people would have consumers believe. Area professionals like Roofing Solutions of Texas, for example, have proven track records that are easily verified. For a free inspection, repairs after a storm, or to select a new roofing material, contact the experts for advice.